Abundance Foundation Death Faire

I am grateful to have have been invited to offer sacred sounds at two different workshops at the Abundance Foundation's Death Faire. Supporting the offerings of other healers was a powerful experience for me.  The event itself was a kind of light-hearted reimagining of a normally somber subject.  More celebration around the unknown.  The workshops were both centered around death.  One was asking yourself and a partner different questions about how you feel knowing you are dying soon.   If you were dying tomorrow, what you would do today?  Even with the heaviness of the question, approaching it in the right way allowed for a deep understanding of what would be the most important thing.  A definite teller of priorities.  The second was an actual death meditation.  You were guided into a space of the process of death.  From the air leaving your body to the water slowly drying up to the fire slowly fading.  As you get deeper and deeperold patterns, especially centered around fear, begin to be easily seen.  It was during the end that I was moved to produce some different soundscapes.  Overall it was wonderful experience and I hope to have some offerings at the next Death Faire!