In addition to community offerings and opportunities for you to visit my healing sanctuary; I also  offer personalized In-Home Sessions for clients who prefer I come to them .  These sessions are ideal for those with mobility issues and those who prefer the potency of an individualized session.   A session in your space can offer the opportunity for even deeper work as you will be in a familiar setting.  Sessions can occur in your living room, bedroom, outdoors on your property or anywhere you feel comfortable.  You are welcome to receive this offering sitting up, laying down or with gentle movement, as you feel called.

I am open to co-creating the individualized session that is ideal for you.  I welcome you to let me know if there are certain aspects of my offerings you feel more called towards or if there are others you would prefer we not integrate into your session. 

Here are the rates:

To come to my Healing Sanctuary for a 1.5 hour session in Pittsboro - sliding scale $90-$120

An In-Home session at your space for a 1.5 hour session - sliding scale $120-$150.

Email or call if you have any questions or would like to book a session.