Further Down the Rabbit Hole....

Recently I picked up the Jaw Harp. I’ve had one for a few years but never really connected with it enough it to pursue becoming proficient. On my trip to Peru this year, I threw it in my case because it travels so well. The Jungle provides ample time to practice an instrument. While I was there, I rounded the “hump” of understanding the Jaw Harp that intensified my interest further. Since then I’ve tried to make it a daily practice. Here’s a link of me trying.

Death and Lay Me Down

I’m pleased to announce the release of Liz’s and my second full length collection of songs called Lay Me Down. Much like Light Pours In reimagined the creation myth, Lay Me Down delves into a reimagining of the Death Myth. From the outset, it was clear this album was going to be different. From the synchronicities involved in its creation, to the actual deaths that occurred during it’s recording. this has been an album that has made sure that we are putting to use the lessons contained in the songs.

Death reached out twice while the album was being recorded. First was a family member of our engineering team which halted production almost before it started. A few days after we went in and got most of the album recorded in two days. Later while he was listening to Liz’s narration on playback he kept saying, “Jesus, hitting close to home.” We assured him that wasn’t the plan, but all decided the album was doing exactly what it was meant to do. A month later, a dear friend named Scott Durso was taken in a sever car crash. That one still stings. There was comfort in the words Liz wrote and I sang (or vice versa) over the coming weeks as the final parts of the album took shape. I am forever grateful I was able to add the words “In Loving Memory of Scott Durso to the linear notes before approving the art. I feel like he’s a part of this album and think of the smile on his face as we shared the first unmastered tracks with him while he was still with us.

Death is a funny thing to think about. Something we all have to do through but almost never talk about until we are totally immersed within it. Here’s hoping we all find a little solace and comfort when it reaches out and touches us personally. If and when you decide to listen to this album, take it from that perspective. To quote Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home” ….and sometimes it helps to hum a little tune along the way.


Wow.  Coming off three days of Sacred Sound bliss.  I was booked by Moogfest to hold one Sound Bath each day.  It is my first corporate gig with this modality.  Yay Milestones!  It was an amazing experience.  All three filled up in one day.  Granted, the Sunday one was under attended, but we've all had those particularly long Saturday nights...and even longer Sunday mornings. 

A good friend of mine came and wrote some really nice words about his experience and the practice in general.  Check it out>>>> HERE <<<<  Thanks for reading!


Abundance Foundation Death Faire

I am grateful to have have been invited to offer sacred sounds at two different workshops at the Abundance Foundation's Death Faire. Supporting the offerings of other healers was a powerful experience for me.  The event itself was a kind of light-hearted reimagining of a normally somber subject.  More celebration around the unknown.  The workshops were both centered around death.  One was asking yourself and a partner different questions about how you feel knowing you are dying soon.   If you were dying tomorrow, what you would do today?  Even with the heaviness of the question, approaching it in the right way allowed for a deep understanding of what would be the most important thing.  A definite teller of priorities.  The second was an actual death meditation.  You were guided into a space of the process of death.  From the air leaving your body to the water slowly drying up to the fire slowly fading.  As you get deeper and deeperold patterns, especially centered around fear, begin to be easily seen.  It was during the end that I was moved to produce some different soundscapes.  Overall it was wonderful experience and I hope to have some offerings at the next Death Faire!

Now offering In Home sessions.

I'm pleased to announce that I am now offering in-home sessions!!  Now clients can experience these deep sound sessions in the comfort of their own home.  The sessions can happen in a normal sized living room or even in a bedroom.   This allows for clients that may have mobility issues or don't want to be in a group session the ability to have one in their own home.  Please contact me for further details.