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Cacao Ceremony at Joy of Movement

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The Joy of Movement will be hosting Amy, Garth, Liz & Scott for a special evening of Deep Ritual & Sacred Sound.

We will be alchemizing a special Cacao Beverage to prime our bodies for this musical journey. This heart-opening beverage can facilitate deep emotional presence and feeling of expansive love. Participants can choose whether or not to participate in this part of the experience. The evening will be guided by sacred song and sounds while we all journey inward.

Cacao has been used traditionally by the Mayans as a sacred plant medicine with potent healing properties, opening the heart and facilitating entry into spiritual realms. Cacao is gentle, carrying a love-filled energy that allows people to grow and experience profound states.

This Ceremony will also be a few days after the Vernal Equinox. When the veils between the physical and spiritual are opened so that a resurrection in our lives can be inaugurated! This is perfect time to set intentions for the Spring and reflect on the lessons of the Winter.

We invite you to begin arriving at 7:30 .
We will circle, open space and drink at 8.
The Ceremony will close around 10; you are welcome to depart early if needed.

$20-$30 sliding scale for the experience.

We encourage you to bring your own cup or chalice for your cacao, and an open heart to expand into this safe container. There will also be space for all to share a song, poem, instrument, or dance. Please bring instruments if you would like to share.

There are yoga mats and pillows in the space; you are welcome to bring your own mats, blankets and pillows as well. We invite light movement if the energy calls you to do so. We also welcome you to bring a journal and pen.